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TRAGEDY: No Oscar for our beloved Nicole Kidman this Year


I am a declared Kidmaniac (meaning a die hard fan of Nicole Kidman) and ever since I learned that Nicole had signed to play Grace Kelly, I was simply overjoyed with excitement. An Icon in her own right playing  Old Hollywood royalty meant a great comeback moment for Nicole. And when I talk about comeback, I want to clearly state that Nicole has never left and she remains strong and artistically  brave (a characteristic not very common in Hollywood). I refer to this comeback as a return of Nicole to the spotlight of a very ambitious TWC project.. The latest roles of Nicole with exception to the Railway Man (starring Colin Firth) have all being part of the dangerously thrilling world of Indie films..

And this also meant that Nicole would be once again nominated for an Oscar. She has been snugged far too long. But this week, the Weinstein Company announced that Grace of Monaco would be released until Spring of 2014….

My heart is crushed and I am very anxious, because the teaser revealed last week, only keeps us wanting more and we’ll have to wait even more… So this is  the possible scenario:

2013 is already a very crowded race, the film might need improvements and it has better chances for next year’s race..

Making movies about beloved real personalities is a tricky business. And few actors/actresses have succeed in playing these roles, transcending the SNL personification into a unique portrayal of the personality, not trying to be exactly the same, but instead capturing the emotional personal depth of the person. Nicole has long experience in portraying real life characters (Martha Gellhorn, Diane Arbus, Patricia Wallace) , she even won an oscar playing the infamous Virginia Woolf. Other actresses have had the same successful outcome in playing real life characters, including Cate Blanchett (Katherine Hepburn), Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich), Sandra Bullock (Leigh Anne Tuohy) among others. However these actresses had the advantage of having great films as well (so did Nicole, The Hours is one the greatest films of the past decade). Meaning that its key to have a good movie + a great performance = in order to get an academy awards nomination. The only exception in recent years, is the case of Meryl Streep winning an oscar for the Iron Lady, where she played Dame Margaret Tatcher.  The movie was not hideous, but it was not good either. It was boring and it was designed to showcase a very physical convincing performance. But the film never dwelt with a strong storyline that exposed the great, bad and awful of Mrs. Tatcher, instead it was a crazy ride between the past and the present. Meryl Streep is the exception as she glows and attracts oscar nominations, like no one else in the industry, other actresses could have simply vanished.

Another factor to take into account is that TWC has already too many films for this year’s race, including: Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Philomena, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, August: Osage County and  Fruitvale Station. Grace could do better next year..

So coming back to Grace of Monaco, TWC might have had second thoughts on the film, thinking that the movie, apart from Nicole’s performance was not great. And that could ruin Nicole… So we don’t want that. Oliver Dahan and the other producers have time until January, to give the final cuts, to make the movie stand up to the great Nicole. Lets hope it succeeds! We have a recent example of failure with Diana. Naomi Watts was in the predictions of this year’s race, but the critics have destroyed the film and Naomi, closing any chance of Naomi getting into the race. For those reasons,  Grace might have been pulled out temporarily to return next year as a roaring success (i’ll have my fingers crossed).

Nicole is great no matter what and her Grace Kelly will surely be another career defining role…