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Review: Season 6 / FINALE / True Blood


Sunday was indeed a very busy day for TV viewers, we had to mayor season finales and new episodes from Breaking Bad and The Newsroom. True Blood has said good bye already announcing its return for next summer.  I want to begin by stating that this season improved so much from the last two seasons. In a weird way this season has re-staged the main struggle of the people of Bon Temps and it showed us all of the very delicate and fragile nature of the story. There were some emotional moments, but really the death of Terry was not that important…The producers of the show intended to make it more relevant of what it actually was.. Still there were many beautiful touching moments at the funeral… So lets take a look at the season finale of True Blood..

The end of the Camp    529119_10151759190168563_2139071664_n

Since the last episode, we saw the demise of the camp. Every human being except for Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) were slaughtered.  The camp was destroyed, but still many of the contaminated blood was transferred. At the beginning of the episode Eric says goodbye to Pam, flying into the skies. A heart shattering scene for Pam who even at the great exhilarating joy of looking at the sun, felt the agony of loosing Eric again..The vampires head to Bills Mansion…Pam later says goodbye to Tara..She needs to look for Eric.

Warlow and Sookie


Sookie leaves the funeral alongside a too hairy Alcide. She is wondering about Jason because he was not present at Terry’s funeral. However, Alcide smells something weird: Some day-walking vampires. She follows the herd of vampires and soon finds Jason being bitten by a female vampire called Violet. The rising new top bitch in True Blood! So she feels relieved that her vampire friends are saved. So she returns to see Warlow hoping to “date” before turning into a hybrid of fairy and vampire. But the once chivalrous and sweet sexy Warlow, turned against Sookie. And instead he forced her into their new “marriage”. He is no longer willing to wait for her any longer…he wants his part of the bargain…he wants Sookie at all cost!



Is no longer divine. He lost all of his powers and now he enjoy nothing more than himself. Somehow it seem he misses the power and greatness. And as he settles back again into his old way of being. He notices he has harmed Sookie and that he sentenced her to an eternity with Warlow. In his eyes the glow of his former love for Sookie reemerges and the pain and agony returns. Jessica is by his side and she recognises the old Bill, who is worried for Sookie. And here comes one of the best lines of the Season Finale, if not the best one (BTW this was a season of great lines, mostly delivered by the great Pam). Jessica reminded Bill, that her mission as his progeny was to protect his humanity and that he must fight for Sookie, not only out of love, but out of his own sake. He needs to be Bill back again. Too much time he has spent in the dark side of power and cruelty…And so ladies and gentlemen we have Bill back..So he gets Jason and tells him of the dangerous situation of Sookie. Both of them leave to find Sheriff Bellfleur’s daughter in order to find the fairy place in the graveyard… Jason is followed by his badass new kind of girlfriend…Its weird some how, it all began like a captor-prisoner relationship and has developed into a serious monogamous relation…

Warlow’s last Stand


Sheriff Bellfleur is not very happy of  seeing Bill and he wants to protect his daughter  (who has been constantly used by vampires). But in the end, he accepts to aid Sookie. So they finally get into the fairy side of the Graveyard. They succeed in saving Sookie and Bill struggles to fight Warlow. But Warlow is more powerful, kicking his ass repeatedly. However Jason is able to Sookie home were she is been taken care for.. But Warlow returns and he passes easily the obstacles set up by Jason and Sheriff Bellfleur.  He looks for Sookie in the bathroom and just as he is close to closing what he started, Sookie’s grandpa returns and he holds Warlow, while Jason enters the room to put a stake in his heart. The great Warlow dies..Bringing Sookie some peace. But for the other vampires who once had tasted his blood, his death brought the end to their tanning days..the effect was lost. And once again vampires returned to the shadows.. And then it came a scene…which I have been waiting since the beginning of True Blood: Eric goes in full frontal.. He was taking the sun in a snowy mountain (naked)…and there he receives the bad news of Warlow’s death…So his whole body gets into flames, not before sharing his most precious good. There has been debate on the size of it….But hey we have seen him using it with Sookie, so for the haters: Is not about the size its about the use 🙂


Six months later

So after this events, there is a hiatus. And we return to Bon Temps  Six Months later. What happened to the vampires? How is Sookie?  What happened to the infected vampires and Hepatitis V?



Six months later Bill is back on TV. He is the author of a new book that talks about the terrible events of the Camp. He makes emphasis on the terrible legacy of Governor Burrell and the catastrophic damage to the vampire population. The interviewer seems to support Bill’s cause by rejecting the use of a manufactured disease that may destroy a complete population…

Sookie and …… Alcide?


Looking at Bill in the TV is Sookie, who stares at Bill with some of the old feelings she once had for him. But she is not alone. A hot beautiful shaved Alcide steps in, taking Sookie to “have dinner”. We hope to see more of that next season. Definitely Sookie despite the fact her life, family and friends are always at risk during the show, she has has “dinner” with the most handsome and hot supernatural character ever (Bill, Eric, Warlow and Alcide). Good Lord ! This girl knows how to party! Damn her…

Violet and Jason


Jason is found going under Violet.. An after he finishes, he demands that he wants to have “dinner” and not only an entree (which only she is enjoying). But still she disagrees… This my friends could be sexual exploitation..Jason is tired.. But God knows how much we hate Violet…Jason is the sexual fantasy of any female or gay fan of True Blood.

Bon Temps new Mayor


The next scene shows the coming together of two congregations: one is traditionally of white people and the other one of black people. The reverend (BTW the husband of Tara’s recovered alcoholic mother) integrates the room, making all of them seating in other places. The true spirit of coming together of uniting. The reverend announces the increasing thread of sick hepatitis V Vampires, coming to Bon Temps to destroy them all. So he then introduces the mayor, the one and only Sam Merlotte. One of Sookie’s old admirers , who actually is expecting a baby…So Sam talks about a new alternative to this rising risk…He proposes that each human should enter into a monogamous relationship with a vampire, where the vampire could feed from he or she, in exchange of protection of this new thread. Most people seem to be against! So Sam announces that they should all go to a party at Arlene’s new restaurant, where they could meet the vampires and arrange how to manage their new relations….

Jessica and Sheriff Bellfleur


Jessica is at Arlene’s fest and she is looking for someone. Its not her hot rocker boyfriend who is singing with the band. She is looking for Sheriff Bellfleur. He visits him and despite his anger, she declares to protect the Sheriff and his daughter against all foes…Even if doesn’t want to…

The Cliffhanger of the Season

Sookie and Alcide attend Arlene’s fest but they leave quickLy. They encounter Bill who brings a very uncomfortable situation for the three of them. Bill wants to talk to Sookie, but she does not want to…Alcide is being territorial..But all of a sudden a herd of sick hepatitis V Vampires arrive heading towards the fest…and that is how this season ended..


From all the vampire stories in television, this is one of my favourite. The darkness of its humour and the deep tragedy of its characters makes it fun to watch. This season returned the focus on the main issues behind the relationship between supernatural creatures and humanity…It was a season of lots of departures…. Nora… Terry….Steven Newlin..But also it was the return of Bon Temps. For me that was the whole point behind the death of Terry..to show how the people of the town matters and how the faith of all depends on their unity…This was an easier season to deal with..There was no Vampire religion or Witches…it was more basic and it was quite raw… True Blood has once more re-established it self as one of the best shows of the summer and a story that is still relevant for its viewers..The Hepatitis V has become the new danger behind our characters. And next season will surely bring more surprises…

For now…lets take a close look to Dracula, a show that is coming soon, starring the hot Jonathan Rhys Meyer….Its not HBO, but still lets give this show a chance…At least does not look, corny as Vampire Diaries (Which by the way is quite bad).


A great song..and an even greater version….

The Viper is back and I know its been a long time since the last post…But law school is hard!! I’ll have some special posts dedicated to True Blood and The White Queen…which are leaving us… way too soon….

But don’t worry new seasons are coming up!!

Meanwhile..I want to share with you this exquisite version of one of my favourite songs of one of my favourite movies ever: Moulin Rouge….

Le Tango de Roxanne ..sang by two hot stallions (one being the incredible and incomparable Ricky Martin)

Review: True Blood / Season 6 / Episode 6


Episode 6: Arlene is just bad at keeping a man…

Spoilers coming out ahead (just like me back in 2012) **

Everything was going to hell over last week’s episode, the final cliffhangers were nerve wracking.. It was a long wait and I could not avoid to fear for the outcome of the battle between Eric and Pam. And taking into account the preview of tonight’s episode (where there was a sneak peek of Eric speaking to Newlin through a bloody hole, one could assume it was Pam’s blood)..I felt like some serious s***  was  going to happen and then I pictured myself going through  the Red Wedding all over again (a moment from one the best episodes in TV history, that I don’t  dare to watch again)… True Blood is a show that   despite some weak moments, it has made us care for its characters. And in the end its been 6 years of knowing these characters, of loving them and hating them at the same time (Tara until last season when she became a vamp). My point is: Any shit like the Red Wedding in True Blood is a bit harder..And this season it seems like our characters are no longer on a safe place (except for Sookie, that b*** is all about “having dinner” with supernatural creatures and surviving). During this episode we said goodbye to a beloved character….(I am curious where this storyline is going). And we say hello to a  new damn hot vampire..  So lets get started, we will take a look to the mayor story lines of this Episode…

Sookie and her Killer Dad


Last Sunday we discovered the awful truth behind the death of Sookie’s parents: They wanted to kill her and some hot as millenary fairy/vampire killed them instead, in order to protect Sookie (Anna Paquin). No wonder she has huge father issues which reflect on her terrible relationships with men and supernatural creatures. But Mr. Stackhouse didn’t intend to fail in its original mission(killing Sookie). Through Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) Mr. Stackhouse was trying again to accomplish his mission by drowning Sookie. But hopefully for her, Bill sensed her being in danger and as he could not go out in the daylight, he sent Warlow (Robert Kazinsky) instead . Who once again saved our beloved Sookie…And nothing bad happened to auntie Lala so I am the most happy (again Anne Boleyn’ reference).  When the spirit of Sookie’s dad came out Lafayette’s body Sookie confronted it by stating and I quote: “Get the f*** out my life forever”.  The spirit left and finally it was over.. It didn’t feel like closure to me! I expect there is much better ending of this subplot! At the end Bill (Lilith) summoned Warlow causing him a lot of pain (just like Jessica). But Sookie kept Bill (Stephen Moyer) from getting Warlow and instead he took him to a fairish paradise place, where Bill was out of her range..

Eric and Pam go all Matrix


The moment I was waiting came very soon at the beginning of  tonight’s Episode. The Governor and his mistress from hell Sarah Newlin wanted blood and it was starting to look like the time Spartacus killed his good friend  Varro. So they went up in the air looking  badass as ever (Mr. Anderson against Smith+flashback)! Pam (Kristin Bauer von Straten) looked to be hurt and so did Eric (Alexander Skarsgard).. the moment of truth was coming, the unavoidable was upon us..But to our  great surprise nothing bad happened to either Pam or Eric. Instead they attacked some guards, that were hiding  in the room! It was then that Eric learned that former reverend Steven Newlin was the one telling the Governor about Eric’s family.. This scene was a bit underwhelming .. There was so much drama building up during episode 5.. And everything was solved too easy… I was disappointed and happy at the same time! There is still more of  Pam and Eric… That was it for Pam in this Episode, while Eric still had some hard s*** to endure!

The evil b**** from hell  vs. Jason (Hot-Ass) Stackhouse 


Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) is seriously one of the craziest revengeful evil whores I’ve ever seen in television. And she is doing a great job! We have seen some evil characters during these past seasons…Most of them were triggered by a broken heart, psychotic situation, V addiction, ambition, revenge and lately religion. But Sarah Newlin has taken this to a whole new level. I know that witches pulled out some sleep walking to the sun, to kill some vampires. But Sarah not only wants to see them burn, she wants to experience with  them all types of crazy cruel torture. What is frighting and fun at the same time regarding Mrs. Newlin, is the fact that she dresses and talks like an adorable, southern, dumb housewife..while she tortures some vampires!  At the beginning of this episode, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is acting like he hates vampires in order to get into the Governor’s force. So he gets accepted and  goes to The Camp, where everybody is impressed with his hatred for vampires..And then Sarah comes in and she looks furious to see Jason.. She sends everyone out, to have some alone-time with Jason (not for having “dinner”).  Jason strikes her with bad news! He announces that he   has come to save Jessica (not the brightest idea) and  threatens her with telling everything to the Governor and exposing her for being the evil whore she is… But  Sarah doesn’t care at all….Instead she takes Jason to give him a little taste of what the Camp is all about.

Jessica and the hot new beau…


Jason is waiting for Sarah to reveal what the Camp is all about. And then she tells him that they watch vampires copulate..He doesn’t  quite get it yet ( you know fancy talking). So Sarah gives him that look… (and then explaining it means to fuck).


So a male vampire appears across the glass, he is shirtless and damn he is one hot vampire….This show keeps on bringing  testosterone to another level! Please give a big welcome to Vampire James (the amazingly beautiful Luke Grimes)…


Later on, Sarah reveals that James has to copulate with Jessica (what a b****, she looked like she was enjoying it). But James didnt want do it.. He told Jess she was a great person and that he was not going to give into the sick orders of the people behind the glass. So he got hurt by  the reflection of sunlight ..several times (it was torturing). Jessica (Deborah Ann Wollo) was starting to strip in order to stop James from getting hurt… But James refused and they were taken by the Governor’s forces.. So this scene was hurtful for both James and Jason and it just proves that Mrs. Newlin is not shitting around! She truly intends to eradicate vampires…Now its even worse after getting to meet hot James..We just want to see more of him!!

Bill and Governor Bushell


When Bill learns that Warlow is not coming,  he goes looking  for Jessica to find that she is not home, realising that his vision is starting  to become real (the vision where everyone is  burning). So he decides to have a session with Lilith.  He glamours  the japanese scientist he preoviously kidnapped and orders him to drain his blood and then to put it back, when he comes near death. In his session with Lilith, she brakes it down to Bill: She aint gonna save him! He must act now or he is doomed! So Bill comes back and drinks the blood of Warlow. Suddenly he gets a glow of light in his face and body. A signal that he might be ready to go out to the sun. And precisely he does…He feels powerful and he goes to the Governor’s mansion, where he butchers everyone including the Governor (Arliss Howard), displaying his great new awesomeçpowers. Unfortunately, he is unable to find the location of the camp…One of the characters who has changed the most is Bill. He was once a vampire with moral and ethical limits, he cared for humans and wanted a legitimate place in society. But now he is sort of a vampire god…its fun, but deep down this unbalance of power seems to be very critical and uncontrollable, meaning that at any time he will get killed.. And I don’t want that.. We’ll have to wait and see what is coming next!!

Arlene’s tragic relationships 


Las episode Terry  convinced a fellow  ex-military friend to kill him, he can no longer live with the pain of having killed his friend, he doesn’t want Arlene  to know.  Arlene notices that Terry is up to something and she suspects he plans to kill him self. So he ask Holy for advice. Holy brings up the possibility of bringing a vampire to glamour Terry, in order for him to forget everything about the war…Arlene agrees and a vampire glamours Terry. And after that, everything is cute and perfect between Arlene and Terry… However Terry never called off  his former friend that had scheduled for killing him..So tragedy came back to Arlene’s life: Terry was shot at the back of Merlotte’s.  It was a touching sad scene, full of grief and agony.  I like Arlene, but Terry’s storyline seemed to go nowhere… Maybe this tragic moment was for the best…

Characters and subplots which right now don’t look very relevant or fun..

Alcide (played by Joe Manganiello) the new pack master is still looking for Sam (Sam Trammel) and Luna’s daughter Emma.  But Sam decides to put an end to the hunt and decides to give Luna to her grandmother. An action that is really the most appropriate one. Sam finally faces Alcide and they both agree on the terms that Sam would appear as officially dead and that he should never come back to Bon Temps…And in exchange Alcide would spare his life..On the other side, the last surviving child of Sheriff Bellefleur gets finally a name (a hidious one, I would have preferred to be called number 4). Meet the lovely Adilyn something Charlene Danica (Bailey Noble)


Eric and his family 


Despite the fact that Eric did not had to kill Pam. The Governor (before being killed by Bill)  was not satisfied. So he decided to take on another member of Eric’s family: Nora (Lucy Griffiths). He brings Nora to Eric and introduces a creepy doctor, who announces the new type of virus: Hepatitis V. A substance that is able to destroy and kill a vampire, through a very painful way. And Nora becomes the first subject to carry the decease. Soon Nora begins to slowly die… Eric can stand to see his sister die in this way. And then he summons Willow, her new daughter. She comes to Eric bringing the body of a guard. She strikes a female doctor who was on the room and dress as a  guard, Eric escapes with Willow and the dying Nora. Eric gets into a room were he finds that the True Blood currently owned by the State of Lousiana is being contaminated with the Hepatitis V virus..

Sookie and Warlow


And finall we get to see Sookie and Warlow back together. This time Warlow says to Sookie that she must tie him up, to avoid any dangerous situation. He struggles with the beast inside of him. He is a fairy with some bloody cravings..and he dislikes it…So he wants to be with Sookie (turn her into a hybrid), in order to close the cycle, they would feed from one another and could live forever! So everything was very emotional and kind of romantic…But then Sookie got all heated up.. and she had an insightful moment, she recognised (proud and loud) that she was a whore! (one of the best moments of the night). But she was not an idiot whore (and I am quoting her). She then tied Warlow harder and  she gave him some of her blood and then she took some of his blood and what  was once an insightful conversation regarding the burdens of being supernatural, became a hot  sexual scene, with lots of nudity and even some influence of Fifty Shades of Grey (Warlow being tied while Sookies is doing her stuff). Sookie and Warlow were finally “dinning” and as they were “eating” light started to glow…and the episode ended…

And thats how you call it for the night!

This  story is getting every time more complex and interesting. Characters are dying and no one is getting into a safe place. What will happen with this burning sexual light glowing from Willow and Sookie’s body… What’s Bill gonna do against the Camp??

What are your thoughts on las night’s episode??  


Review: True Blood/ Season 6 / Episode 5


Episode 6: True Blood’s Comeback

Beware there are huge Spoilers**

True Blood is certainly one of my favourite shows, I am a huge fan of the first seasons. Season 4 and Season 5 were not the best, we kinda lost interest in the main characters. But Season 6 is turning the tide and thank God, its turning this show back on track. From the beginning of the season, we discovered a new thread for all things supernatural in Bon Temps: Humans. Finally and after along time, humans are fighting back the vampires. Nothing its safe anymore.  As there are many story lines in this show we shall deal with every single one of them apart..

Sookie and Warlow


Last Sunday, Warlow (the hot and steamy Rob Kazinsky) was all over our girl Sookie Stackhouse (played by the lovely Anna Paquin). For a moment, I thought Sookie would fall for this vampire/fairy, but contrary to her intimate  history with vampires, she actually faced Warlow and threaten him with her powerful light bulb. It was quite impressive seeing her being all brave and feisty. Its a welcome change for Sookie (you keep it up girl). Warlow defending himself from Sookie, revealed an important truth. You see its all about the language, last season we discovered that Sookie was promised to be given to Warlow, through a contract made by an ancestor of hers. The mistake was  that “given” did not meant that Sookie was going to be sacrificed. On the contrary, the meaning of “given” referred to marriage (WTF?? I know, that was my thought too). She was to marry Warlow. He never intended to harm her (well maybe bite her a little, who knows). Sookie’s parents instead wanted to kill her, to avoid giving her to Warlow and thats why Warlow killed Sookie’s parents.  Big revelations for our girl…Despite this revelation moment, she still tried to harm Warlow. And  that brought Bill (Stephen Moyer)’s attention (he is now a God or something and he feels the pain of vampires), who then interrupts Sookie and commands Warlow to follow him (why???)…Finally Sookie’s story line is rebuilding and she in her own right has become important again.

Dead Fairies…not all


Last episode was very hard for me to watch. Mainly because one my all time favourite characters faced a very difficult situation. Jessica (played by Deborah Ann Woll) was trying to keep the daughters of Sheriff Bellfleur in the mansion, to continue the blood tests, in order to make vampires able to walk in daylight. However, when she was trying to stop them, she smelled them and suddenly her urges and natural instincts overcame her reason and strength, draining there blood until the last drop. Sheriff Bellfleur (Chris Bauer) came into the house, to find his daughters all dead, except one.. who is barely breathing. Sheriff Bellfleur takes her to the police station, he then grabbed a sample of V (vampire blood) to heal her… Jessica leaves the mansion. Sherrif Bellfleur takes his last surving chid to Holly (Lauren Bowls)’s place, where we get to have a very touching moment.  And as a viewer we are kind of divided and there are a lot of contradicting emotions. One one hand we are so sad for Sherrif Bellfleur’s lost and we understand his grief and righteous need for justice. And on the other side we have Jess, who we love so very much. And she is fucked up real bad… But regardless of that, we don’t want her to be harmed or killed.. the resolution of this plot wont be a happy one.

The Ex-wife of a gay vampire can be become one evil b**** from hell..


Sarah Newlin (plyed by the delightful Anna Camp) is the new top bitch in Bon Temps. She is enraged with vampires, homosexuals and all other creatures, that according to her serve the Devil (she sounds pretty much like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman, the problem is: they say it for real). Her ex-husbend is Steve Newlin, who last season was Russel Edginton’s lover and oh boy he caused her huge damage. Sarah is now working with the Governor of Lousiana (Arliss Howard) to destroy the thread of vampires. She doesn’t seem very sad by the fact that the Governor’s daughter is now a vampire and she has to be taken to the Camp (which we will get there in just a few lines). In fact that reveals her true plans: marrying the governor. I mean she has become a person of her own, she has money, power, but still she wants a man. I think that will be her doom (we’ll have to wait and see). But the Governor doesn’t share Sarah’s plans, making her very angry..And it seems  that also horny. She leaves the governor to visit Jason Stackhouse (simply put: hot Ryan Kwanten), who she had already (mmmm how to put it in a decent way) “dined with”. And she came back for more and Jason cant say no to “dinner”, so he dined with her ( I most confess it was great to see Jason back in action, they looked very hungry, if you know what I mean). After they finish having “dinner” Jessica comes desperately looking for Jason. She has strong remorse and she seemed to be unraveling. She knows that what she did was wrong…and she starts to realise that being a vampire is not all fun and classy. They are cursed with feeling hungry all the time, needing to satisfy their hunger hurting others.. This was for me one of the strongest moments of the season so far.  Sarah comes back an he calls a Jessica a devil’s whore, something that upsets Jessica, reminding her of  the bible and her religious background. Jessica comes out of the house and is then taken by the  Governor’s army to the Camp.

Bill and Warlow 

Bill takes Warlow to the mansion and  by that point we are a bit confused, because Bill is not Warlow’s maker.  But that is quickly solved: Lilith is Warlow’s maker and as Bill has Lilith’s blood, he has some of her powers.  This scene takes as back to 3500 AC, in which Warlow was a fairy. He was found by Lilith, then they had “dinner” and finally she turned him. He came back to his town many years later transformed. Its not clear why, but suddenly he kills all of his people except for Sookie’s grandfather. But that is not all, he also killed Lilith. After the flashback, Bill confronts Warlow by stating that he is the saviour of the vampire race.  Warlow is reluctant to help Bill, leaving us all with intrigue….something cool will develop from this.

Magic is back, so that only means one thing: Auntie Lala is doing her s***


Sookie comes back to Merlotte’s (who is supposed to be her working place, but that doesn’t matter anymore, the whole world is going nuts) looking for Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis). She wants his aid, to corroborate on what Warlow said. They go to Sookie’s place and Lafayette starts doing his thing, speaking  with the dead. Its been a long time since magic was performed in Bon Temps, during season 4 it kinda failed to have a purpose in respect with the story. But now it has become useful. Sookie finds out that what Warlow said was true (shocking and hurtful for poor Sookie). But that is not all, Sookie’s father ghost possessed Lafayette. I thought he was going to ask Sookie to forgive him or something. But no, this southern people have always a fucked up way to solve things. In this case Mr. Stackhouse decided to finish what he couldn’t do in life: Kill Sookie. He takes her by force, into a swamp.. and then tries to drown her…And that is how the episode ended.. Will Sookie survive?? I think she will..but the price for surviving will be high, no one is safe now. That is the whole concept of this season.

Characters and subplots which I really don’t care

Alcide (played by Joe Manganiello) the new pack master is still looking for Sam (Sam Trammel) and Luna’s daughter Emma. He gets into a werewolf  bar were we get to discover, that there are  all kinds of crazy sex among supernatural creatures (I mean some weird s***). After rejecting the proposition of a she wolf, he meets his dad. Who tries to give some advice, he questioned the true reasoning behind looking for Sam. Somehow he reminds him of taking decisions  with integrity and not by mere pressure of his pack. But the good old Alcide from previous seasons that would definitely take the advice is long gone. Instead he attacked his father, telling him to go away. Meanwhile, Sam has a new young love interest who he is now trying to protect from the wolves. And finally  Terry  convinces a fellow  ex-military friend to kill him, he can no longer live with the pain of having killed his friend, he doesn’t want Arlene  to know. I know some of these characters are fun, but in the end this episode had a lot  going on elsewhere..

Eric, Tara, Willow and Pam

Pam and Eric

Finally, the Governor arrives to the Camp and Sarah presents him with the surprise that Eric Northman is finally arrested. Eric finds out that the Governor has locked up his own daughter, realising that his plan did not work and only made things worse.. But that is not all, Steven Newlin is now collaborating with the Governor, sharing important information. Eric is held at a big cell, were he had already fight other vampires for the amusement of the humans…He expects the Governor to send in a fellow vampire (a strong one to fight him). Eric is given a very big wooden stake and he is prepared to meet is opponent. The gate opens and he discovers a very strong opponent, someone close to him, very close: Pam.

This episode was great and the story is getting stronger. The face off between Pam and Eric is something that will be hard to watch… I don’t know what its going to happen. But I know its going to be hard for fans everywhere… This is True Blood’s  comeback.

What are your thoughts on las night’s episode??