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A great song..and an even greater version….

The Viper is back and I know its been a long time since the last post…But law school is hard!! I’ll have some special posts dedicated to True Blood and The White Queen…which are leaving us… way too soon….

But don’t worry new seasons are coming up!!

Meanwhile..I want to share with you this exquisite version of one of my favourite songs of one of my favourite movies ever: Moulin Rouge….

Le Tango de Roxanne ..sang by two hot stallions (one being the incredible and incomparable Ricky Martin)


Review: The White Queen / Episode 5


The world  is still awaiting for the birth of the royal prince/princess, that will inherit the throne  of England. And at the same time, I can’t wait for another episode of the White Queen. I know there is a lot of criticism against this show. But its quite entertaining and I am in love with Elizabeth (Rebeca Ferguson). I believe in this show and I think is just getting better. Historical dramas are complex and  facts may get lost at some point, leaving fiction to fill in (something which is legitimate). Critics are giving this show a hard time, focusing on how the narrative is abrupt and the “misleading” use of facts and fiction. Once again: This is an adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s books , meaning that her point of view might not be the most accurate historically. But who cares?? These type of shows are not made strictly to teach us history, on the contrary they intend to  transport us to another age, to observe and share the fear and ambitions of the characters we don’t get to know in history books. As a result we get to be more interested in history. Furthermore, the White Queen is a great show because its not pretentious, its  60 minutes  of quality entertainment, that allow us to get more interested in history. But enough about defending The White Queen, I can assure you all, that after watching the show you will discover that The White Queen is a production that stands for its self.

At last (Etta James playing), lets talk about last sunday’s episode. Too many things happened and once again the wheel of fortune has turned. So who’s fortune arose  and who failed in this gruesome struggle for power?

Who lost it all: A look at this week’s not so fortunate characters:


Lord Warwick


During the last episode, the Kingmaker achieved an alliance with Margaret of Anjou (the exiled Queen), to continue his war against Edward (The hottest son of York). The bargain included that Lord Warwick would return Henry VI (the mad king, he might not be as crazy as King Aerys Targeryan, but their is some crazy s*** going on in his head).  Margaret would later invade England strengthening the position of the House of Lancaster. Warwick knew that Edward would return and that war was inevitable. The allies of Margaret of Anjou rallied behind the Duke of Somerset, not Warwick (its hard to trust a man who belongs to the House of your enemy and that previously betrayed his own cousin). Warwick lost the support of George, who returned to support Edward. War came and with a little help of  the Woodville clan,  a magical fog helped Edward’s army covering his steps into the battlefield. In regards to the battle, it was quite bloody and we got to see Edward, Warwick and Richard (I previously said  he was hot, but seeing him in battle, has upgraded his level of hotness)  exposing their sword fighting abilities. The climatic moment of the fight came when Warwick was surrounded by Edward and his army, Edward knew by that time that the Kingmaker had failed, but in his eyes we could see pain. Edward knew he had to kill his cousin. The man who taught him everything he knew, the man who made him King. Warwick’s dead came by the strikes  of an anonymous soldier (no beheading), an honourable dead for a man that changed England forever. Its sad to see James Frain go, he was great in this role and he will be missed. But Warwicks legacy still lives and that legacy would be a mayor game-changer for the story..

Margaret of Anjou


Probably the greatest loser of the night. At the beginning of the episode we got to see her ( ) travelling with  Anne. A horrible journey by the way. The weather was awful, but the worse part of all, was the bitter remarks of Margaret against Anne. Surprisingly enough, Anne kept her s*** together and replied to Margaret, that she was not weak. After arriving to England, they all found out about the dead of Warwick. Margaret did not show much emotions in respect to the recent news. She was quick to modify her plans, asking Anne for advise (she was trying to mock her, on the fact that she was the Kingmaker daughter). Anne suggested to go west, where there is stronger support towards the House of Lancaster.  Margaret agreed and made her forces move west, to meet with Jasper Tudor. During the march of the Lancastrian forces, we get to see an interest side of Margaret. She explained Anne, that she is  double hated: 1) because of being a woman in a position of power (sexism made her a strong killer b****), 2) because of being french. After this girl talk between these two ladies, the war approached and Margaret’s son had to leave with this forces to meet Edward.  But this move would be his last. Edwards succeeds in the battlefield killing Margaret’s son. The news travel quickly to Margaret, who realises that her claim for the throne survives only on the possibility that Anne is already bearing her grandson. Margaret once again intends to run back to France awaiting for a new moment to strike.  But the forces of York arrived to the Abbey where Margaret and Anne were hiding. Richard rescues Anne, from soldiers that could have raped her. But he was not that caring with Margaret. Who knowing that all was lost, pretended to save herself by tempting Richard of taking the crown for himself. She offered to give Anne to Richard..(I sense a little foreshadow of their future together). But Anne responded that she was no longer to be given.. At that moment, Margaret realised she was doomed, with no heir and now being a prisoner of Edward. Last episode Margaret of Anjou was portrayed as horrible woman, this episode instead, revealed her most human side. A fair look to a woman that challenged her period of time, showing men that she was as strong and deadly as men.

Margaret Beafourt and the Tudors


And now I get to speak to my least favourite character of the show: Margaret Beafourt. I have to be objective,  she was not as annoying as she was during the first four episodes. At the beginning of the episode, she was very happy for the return of the House of Lancaster. After a few seconds, she finds out that Edward is coming back for war. And then she gets all belligerent and blood-thirsty. She talks to her cousin the Duke of Somerset and asks him to encourage (make him an offer he cannot refuse…) her husband to raise armies for Margaret of Anjou’s cause. She also says goodbye to her son, who most go with Jasper Tudor. She goes back to her state, to find that her husband is in fact raising men for war. She is so happy and proud of her husband. Soon to have her hopes crushed by the discovery, that her husband is actually raising men for the House of York. She goes all crazy about how God is in the side of Lancaster and how her husband is cursed, she even tells him, that she awaits his death.  After the death of Warwick, Margaret’s husband is terribly injured, she takes him from the camp to their home. Her husband in agony tells her to surrender and that Edward is most likely to win. But she is careless of her husband’s word and instead she writes to Jasper telling him that she will never surrender and that hope remains on the invasion of Margaret of Anjou. But we already know how that ended… After the utter defeat of the Lancastrians, the Tudors including Margaret’s boy leave into exile. At the end, her husband also dies…not that she really cares…I can’t express my happiness for seeing her temporary ruin (we all know how history goes), Margaret Beafourt is so hard to watch, but at least to see her suffering makes up for her religious bitterness..

Who’s fortune rose? A look to the winners of this Episode


The sons of York

The White Queen 2013

Finally our handsome brothers are back together. This dynamic trio is so great to watch. They are brave, young and beautiful..And they got to defeat all of theirs enemy’s. So lets get into the personal gain of each of  the sons of York.

Lets begin with my personal favourite: King Edward IV.  After  these episode’s events his claim to the throne is strongest than ever, he has brought peace to England and  the Lancastrians are very defeated. But thats not all, now he  can return to the arms of his beautiful family. Lets not forget that he has finally a male heir..The greatest glory for any medieval King.


My second favourite son of York: Richard. This was the first episode , were we get to really see Richard (those eyes..) and God why didn’t we get to enjoy  him before. Richard proved not only to be a very strong soldier, but also a trusted ally of his brother the King. He also got Anne.. He rescued her and it seems he has always cared for her.. so they could get married..So Richard not only wan a war, but also the heart of the woman he loves..


And finally my least favourite son of York: George. He was the one who gained the most: to keep his head. He had previously betrayed Edward, to become King and at the failure of his own cause,  Duchess Cecily (his mother)  was able to convince him into returning to Edward’s side (the winning side). So by doing this he got to keep his life, lands and titles…Lucky George. Elizabeth wouldn’t have been that forgiving and I am sure her revenge plans against George have not ended.


The White Queen


Finally things are working up for our lovely Queen. After spending quite a while hidden at the barracks of Westminster Abbey, she gets to see her Edward again. It was quite romantic to se them reunited. After the fall of the Lancastrians, Elizabeth’s claim of being Queen was finally resolved And she has a son..the dream and curse of many queens (ask Anne Boleyn). Elizabeth and her family have indirectly out powered their main enemies: Warwick, Margaret of Anjou, the Tudors and other Lancastrian supporters. But Elizabeth is not so sure about George, she distrusts him and will not stop until her revenge is complete. She actually vanquished Warwick.. And now her throne is secure…As long as nothing bad happens to her hot King Edward.

The Neville Sisters


Despite the fact both Isabel and Anne were mistreated by their own father, its because of them that they can feel safe after  the great changes of this episode.  I know their lost their father, but it could have gone way worse for both of them. Lets begin with Isabel. She has never felt easy with her father’s plan of betraying Edward. She didn’t wanted to be Queen and she feared for her life after George’s treason against Warwick. But her father did something well, he put Isabel under a safe  position because if he wan and the sons of York failed, she was still his daughter. And if Warwick’s side was defeated, she would still be married to York.  And finally we get to Anne. In my opinion she is the character who has evolved the most. She begun as being a shadow to Isabel and now she is a princess. She definitely learned from her father the Kingmaker and also from Margaret of Anjou. She has become stronger against all odds and she is now she has become a player of her own in the struggle for power. She was rescued during the fighting by Richard… their union will certainly change everything for England.. stay tuned..

Overall it was a great episode! We are 5 more to go and for those of us who know about the War of the Roses, we know whats coming next… and that surely will be interesting for our beloved characters..

What were your thoughts on this episode?? Who do you support: the Red or White rose??