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A great song..and an even greater version….

The Viper is back and I know its been a long time since the last post…But law school is hard!! I’ll have some special posts dedicated to True Blood and The White Queen…which are leaving us… way too soon….

But don’t worry new seasons are coming up!!

Meanwhile..I want to share with you this exquisite version of one of my favourite songs of one of my favourite movies ever: Moulin Rouge….

Le Tango de Roxanne ..sang by two hot stallions (one being the incredible and incomparable Ricky Martin)


Mashup Week: Nicole Kidman singing Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend (Marilyn Monroe) and Material World (Madonna)

The week has come to an end…Another semester is about to begin. So many things at stake, so much anticipation and expectations.. What will this semester bring? Who will rise and who will fall? Lets hope the wheel of fortune will keep us all growing strong (yes like the Tyrells)!!!

This is the final Mashup of the Week! I know there were not many mashups.. but you see I only like the best..so I could not share any cheap mix of songs…

So in this final mashup..we get to enjoy two songs that are irresistibly real and enlightening regarding our culture and ways of living! And further more this mashup comes from my favourite movie of all times: Moulin Rouge.

A movie that as time passes it becomes more powerful and enjoying…so that’s a hint for whats coming next week…

Please enjoy this beautiful mashup sang by the beautiful and lovely Nicole Kidman!