Review: Suits / Season 3 / Episode 2


Episode 2: “I want you to want me”

Its been some days since SUITS aired its last episode, during all this time I haven’t figure what to think of this episode…I love SUITS and all, but there is something about Harvey that I am starting  to dislike.

Last episode we got to see the two sides of Law, represented in Louis and Harvey. On one side we have someone that respects and appreciates the legal system (Louis). And on the other side, we have the man who is driven by one simple principle: winning (Harvey). Both of these characters like winning, but for different reasons. I am not trying to glorify Louis, but at least he portrayed a deeper sense for justice and law. This was an episode that showed Harvey in its worse position ever. He is a d*** and we love him for that ..But last night, he started to become a little too childish and spoiled…In Harvey’s mind everyone starting from Jessica  owes him.. And he screwed it actually. He never sees the bigger picture, he just acts in order to satisfy his own interest…. Many times I look at Harvey and I think on how much I would like be him or how much I would like to”dine” with him….But lately, I don’t  like his attitude, he is desperate and he has to learn that he cant always win…

What happened with the Hassington case?


The episode begins with Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole) showing Harvey a video of Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley) and her most trusted employee bribing the leader of a foreign country. However the video had no sound!  It was a strong argument against Ava’s case.   But the real issue behind the video, is the fact that Ava’s trusted employee is working  with Dennis against Ava, betraying her (Poor Michelle every show she is in, there is someone stabbing her in the back).  Somehow the situation of Ava Hassington is a mirror of what happened between Harvey and Mike… A person that under pressure betrays his/her mentor.. So Harvey starts to get sensitive towards Mike..(but we’ll get to that later). In the end, Dannis realises that Harvey will butcher his witness in court. So they broke a deal with a small modification: Ava must be declared guilty…A bitter sweet victory to Harvey. But I feel this is not the end.. We haven’t seen the last of Mrs. Ava Hassington..

Jessica and Harvey

Suits - Season 3

Things haven’t been well between this two. And its curious because they are so alike! They understand what drives each other and that is why they are very formidable adversaries. Harvey will never forgive Jessica and his plans of bringing her down are still on….He is just waiting for the right moment! Jessica is doing everything to be back in Harvey’s favour. She even tried to reach for him, showing him how much she actually cared and also insisting on the importance of letting things go, for once she was trully emotional…There was a climatic moment:  Hervey then asked her, if she could go back in time, would she change anything. She said no…. I love Jessica and if she faces Harvey, I’ll expect her to win…that dickhead deserves a lesson!

Donna and Rachel


 Let me just say that these women are fierce, they love their men (Harvey and Mike) and they would do anything for them. At the beginning of the episode they were very friendly and they even discussed some intimate details.. It seems our handsome Mike Ross has some “huge” talents… Good for Rachel.. But the friendly tone between them changed, when Rachel finds out that Harvey had forbade Mike from being with Rachel…It seems it was also Donna who told Mike not to be with Rachel… So they exchanged some hard words, including Rachel saying that Donna has no life for only protecting Harvey..There was no further developments between them… We’ll have to wait and see what happens next episode! I want to say something out loud: Damn Rachel I envy her!

Louis and Mike


Louis is a good guy! He might be a bit too neurotic, but he is kind and understands the social value of law. He fights not for himself, but for what he believes is fair…He admires the system..And he practices law respecting its rules and principles! So last episode he lost the associates. At the beginning of this episode he says good bye to his associates (avery touching moment). But then he learns from Jessica, that he has now the right select his associate…and he knows who he wants: Mike ( who wouldn’t? Sexy + smart + lawyer). Louis asked Harvey for his permission and Harvey said he didn’t want anything to do with Mike..So Louis began a campaign to win Mike’s approval…They worked  on a case together ( I am not going to spoil it for you) and they wan…They were becoming a team…But just before Mike was taking his decision… Harvey came in and soon they were reconciled… Which was something great.. I love this two…But something didn’t felt right….I mean Harvey had been acting like a spoiled dickhead… He gave his word to Louis..But without any trouble,  he reclaimed back Mike! I get that Harvey is the main character….But Louis won the right to make a new team with Mike… Its hard to see how the show favours the character that is a total asshole…instead of the man who actually is good and kind… (well the world is very much alike)


What area your thoughts on this episode?? 


Mashup Week: Glee Cast singing Rumour has It/Someone like you

This is one of my favourite shows and despite a bad season…..I like to remember the good moments…This is one of the moments I will never forget..

It was an emotional episode, with an even more emotional performance by Mercedes and my girl Santana


Review: The Newsroom / Season 2 / Episode 2


Episode 2: The price of being popular

I am not sure if I liked last episode of The Newsroom. This show has something very peculiar:  There are few episodes which actually could be considered overall good or bad. However Aaron Sorkin has the ability of placing certain scenes which keep the show from sinking…Last episode had some few good moments, but were moments that had definitely some depth and showed some vulnerable sides of the  characters we care for…I am starting to realise that The Newsroom is a show which I like to watch, but I haven’t quite discover why…Most of the shows I watch respond to my wide range of personal interests, memories, cravings, tastes, sensibilities , frustrations, etc. I’ll continue to give this season a chance …to find out why on earth I am watching this show….For now I just now that I am not watching this show for Maggie..

So lets take a look to what happened with the main story of the season!!



Now we know what Genoa is all about. The new producer has given Mackenzie the exclusive. So the story goes this way: The US used a toxic weapon against civilians, during some military operations in Pakistan. Quite the scandal.. But Mackenzie doesn’t really trust this new producer.. So she wants more! At the end of the episode she gets the confirmation she was hoping for…so things get interesting!

Now lets take a look to other storylines:

My favourite character of the Episode:


 We are aware that this man can be a total dick. Last season, he appeared to be simply a very despicable human being. But this season has done something great for Dan,  some how it has rehabilitated his character. He no longer has to deal with the annoying Maggi, he is closer to Sloan and he is letting out some of his more human side.  I am not going to give all details, I want to avoid to ruin some of the moments of Sunday’s episode. Dan was very passionate and energetic in regards of the case of an african american that was sentenced to the death penalty. There were many  intrigues and irregularities surrounding the case. And in the eyes of Dan the man was innocent. He tried to convince Will on bringing some attention to the case, advocating for his innocence…But it didn’t work (we’ll get to that soon). He tries to pull the story with Charlie and Mckenzie but still he failed. At the end of the episode, the man in executed.  Dan is not the best man of the show, but now we get to know that eh stands for something even greater than his ego….A turning point for Dan and a moment we have certainly enjoyed…



So we got to see some of Will’s history…there was some footage of his  September 11 intervention(back in 2001). He was a rising star back then…. But now Will is in a dark place. He was removed from the September 11th Anniversary and he is very affected by the several websites that express their hatred against him. He is no longer the same. The powerful media man of last season has been overshadowed by his own fears for rejection. And here is a highlight of this episode:  in the end individuals that are popular and whose status is based on their celebrity (actors, models, etc), depend on the people’s approval. A dangerous truth. But the question hear is:  Should News depend on the public too? Should News be portrayed to satisfy the emotions of the people (even when they are wrong) ? These questions should be taken into account as food for thought.. Poor Will..and it was in that moment of neglect, that Will rejected to help Dan. He no longer wants to commit with real and serious journalism… 



I am getting to the conclusion that characters that avoid Maggie or simply are far away from her, have better story lines. Jim is starting to get his shit together. He is meeting new people (a new hot blondie working in the competition), he is getting over Maggie and he has finally got into the Romney bus. I am interested in him again….



At the beggining he was kind of bullyied by the editing room, because his story has not turned to be as important as he thought it would….I mean that happens all the time..But what is valuable from this character is the fact that he is taking chances, he is  takings risks and that is worth everything.. I have always believed we should never regret our actions, instead we should regret for the action we didn’t take. Thankfully we know how important are the events he is trying to cover.. Occupy Wall Street. Neal had not much screen time,  but still he got arrested in the protest, getting excellent footage. In the end Will takes him out of jail, taking some of his personal frustration out…

And finally Maggie


Liza’s character was very secondary and irrelevant during last season. But on sunday Liza told Maggie, she was full of s*** and how  really pathetic she was. It was great, finally someone is putting Maggie in her place. Liza found about the video (despite of Maggie’s efforts)  Things were just ridiculous for Maggie during the last episode! So she slept in the office and then she went to find the owner of the Youtube video (where she screams out that she loves Jim).  Look that worked in Facebook and with your friends…Sometimes you may appear in photos, looking drunk or ugly (there is nothing to do about that in some cases) and you can ask your pals to take it down.. But with a complete stranger…thats not how things work!! Life have consequences…And Maggie has to realise it..I was so pissed about her telling Jim that she wanted things to be back to normal…There is no way back to normal!  Now she is currently single and her two former love interests have better things to do. At the end,  Maggie decides to go to Africa, to cover a  dangerous story…. Please don’t return.. Mr. Sorkin..kill this character from once and for all…she is irrelevant, pathetic and not credible..No one can be that stupid. There are limits in creating a pitiful character.. The charm is simply not working on me!

Characters that didn’t do much : Charlie and Sloan (she helped Maggie so…for me thats an EPIC Fail)


So what were your thoughts on this week’s episode??

Review: The White Queen / Episode 6


The Duchess of Cambridge has delivered a healthy boy to become the heir of the british throne. Everyone is so excited for this historical moment (not really). I insist is more intriguing in Monaco, because if there is no male heir…then France absorbs Monaco (Now that is some fun exciting royal baby drama). While we wait to meet the new royal baby, our beloved show The White Queen, returned last sunday to deliver a striking truth: Peace is so much difficult to enjoy… After so much war and campaigning, peace has arrived and the House of York enjoys tranquility. But not much really, these Yorkish men and women are too conniving and they are always plotting against each other. So despite the fact that the Lancasters are currently in defeat.. the Yorkish rule seems weak from the very inside. This was not one of my favourite episodes, but I think it was necessary.. The events coming ahead will be full o many twists and tragic changes…episodes like this serve the purpose of building up the events for the drama coming ahead!! So the Court is back in London and nobility is back to its own doing: plotting, gossiping, whoring, partying..

Lets take a look at the new Court of King Edward:


Who’s the new royal mistress?


Things are not going very well for our Queen Elizabeth (Rebecca Ferguson), she is not easy living surrounded by people she distrusts and hates. Her marriage with Edward (Max Irons) seems to be in a bad moment. She feels they are growing apart from each other. Edward is closer to his brothers and not caring that much for poor Elizabeth. But that is not all, Elizabeth finds Edward infragranti with Mrs. Jane Shore a lovely redheaded lady. Lady Shore continues to whore around in court, not caring for Elizabeth or anyone… She seems to be very proud of being mistress, regardless of the scandal. Is curious how previous TV shows made us all care for the side of the mistresses, we even root for their success. Lets not forget how Anne Boleyn (played by the tenacious Natalie Dormer) climbed up to become Queen in the Tudors. For the first time, the lead character is the affected Queen. We don’t want Elizabeth and Edward to break their beautiful marriage and certainly we care not for the new whore in town… We’ll see how everything works for our Liz…

Who’s kept like a prisoner?


Anne Neville was brought back to court by the hot Richard the Duke of Gloucester. She was pardoned by Edward. But as being a former traitor , she would have a new Guardian: the not so great George. Her status was also diminished, she was once a royal princess, now she is behind her sister Isabel who is a royal duchess. Anne is suffering and her relationship with Isabel is not going well! The have some brief cat fight over the fact that George wants to take the inheritance of the Warwick State, leaving Anne with nothing and single.. It’s difficult to be forever alone in the 21st Century (my best friends know it and I know it), still you have some chances.. But back in medieval times, to be forever alone at least for noble women, meant ruin.. However despite Anne’s heartbreaking moments from last night, she seems to be still not ready to have a more prominent position. She is too impulsive and does not know how to be patient.. She will still have to face some dark days ahead….specially being the captive of George, fighting with Isabel and with her mother kept hostage and in disgrace…

Who is coming back to court?

The White Queen

Anne Neville described Margaret Beafourt better than anyone: an ancient, ugly, fanatical. My mind keeps the same regarding Margaret, I hate her.. But somehow she seems to have better scenes, week after week. At the beginning of the episode, she is praying in the most annoying way and then she receives the news that her mother is very very sick. So he goes to visit her. And then we had a very fun, lugubrious Mummy Dearest moment between Margaret and her mother. Finally Margaret slaps her mother with cruel words, not forgiving her and letting her know that she is going to inherit her state. Margaret later writes to Jasper, asking for advise. She wants to go with him and Henry.. But Henry replies that her work is in England and that she must remain there…so Margaret it’s a bit disappointed and very angry.. So she decides to fake a reconciliation with York… She is back on the market looking for a new husband.. She wants to marry our own handsome Richard… But God forbids that would ever be possible, so she marries Lord Stanley  (I am disgusted with his beard) a close friend of Edward…


He is kind and respectful with Margaret and he knows that strategically if the Lancasters ever rose to power, he would obtain a good and safe position… Margaret returns to Court changing the dynamics of the Court once again.

Who is leaving court? (for good)


Elizabeth faced some dark moments last night. Our beloved Jacquetta left her for good. She started feeling ill and then she knew she was leaving… We are definitely going to miss her.. But it’s also an improvement to the dynamics at Court. Elizabeth is now alone and it will be interesting to see her deal with her own problems and’s time to see Elizabeth as a Queen! She has delivered a son and she holds Esward’s heart. Elizabeth also had a miscarriage yesterday, a very touching and sad moment….

What lovebirds have taken their bows in holy matrimony?

The White Queen

But the departure of Jacquetta and Elizabeth’s baby, did not stop other characters from getting romantic. the big story of last night’s episode was the romance between Richard and Anne. The poor disgraced Anne was saved by Richard again, who took her to sanctuary, against George’s will! But that is not all, he also married her. A moment Anne has been waiting for a long time… Richard was tender and sweet with her while consummating their union. Anne is now a Royal Duchess at the same level of Isabel! She seems to have grown very strong and determined! She is now fierce and beautiful! Anne has suffered a lot and its important to see her finally getting what she wants.. At the end of the episode, Isabel returns to Anne and the restore their relationship…


This episode was very boring. But it was necessary to understand…what is coming next. Most of the characters have lost and won through the War of the Roses. However its not clear if the peace between the sons of York will endure….Dark day might come for our girl Elizabeth.

What were your thoughts on this episode?? 

Review: True Blood / Season 6 / Episode 6


Episode 6: Arlene is just bad at keeping a man…

Spoilers coming out ahead (just like me back in 2012) **

Everything was going to hell over last week’s episode, the final cliffhangers were nerve wracking.. It was a long wait and I could not avoid to fear for the outcome of the battle between Eric and Pam. And taking into account the preview of tonight’s episode (where there was a sneak peek of Eric speaking to Newlin through a bloody hole, one could assume it was Pam’s blood)..I felt like some serious s***  was  going to happen and then I pictured myself going through  the Red Wedding all over again (a moment from one the best episodes in TV history, that I don’t  dare to watch again)… True Blood is a show that   despite some weak moments, it has made us care for its characters. And in the end its been 6 years of knowing these characters, of loving them and hating them at the same time (Tara until last season when she became a vamp). My point is: Any shit like the Red Wedding in True Blood is a bit harder..And this season it seems like our characters are no longer on a safe place (except for Sookie, that b*** is all about “having dinner” with supernatural creatures and surviving). During this episode we said goodbye to a beloved character….(I am curious where this storyline is going). And we say hello to a  new damn hot vampire..  So lets get started, we will take a look to the mayor story lines of this Episode…

Sookie and her Killer Dad


Last Sunday we discovered the awful truth behind the death of Sookie’s parents: They wanted to kill her and some hot as millenary fairy/vampire killed them instead, in order to protect Sookie (Anna Paquin). No wonder she has huge father issues which reflect on her terrible relationships with men and supernatural creatures. But Mr. Stackhouse didn’t intend to fail in its original mission(killing Sookie). Through Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) Mr. Stackhouse was trying again to accomplish his mission by drowning Sookie. But hopefully for her, Bill sensed her being in danger and as he could not go out in the daylight, he sent Warlow (Robert Kazinsky) instead . Who once again saved our beloved Sookie…And nothing bad happened to auntie Lala so I am the most happy (again Anne Boleyn’ reference).  When the spirit of Sookie’s dad came out Lafayette’s body Sookie confronted it by stating and I quote: “Get the f*** out my life forever”.  The spirit left and finally it was over.. It didn’t feel like closure to me! I expect there is much better ending of this subplot! At the end Bill (Lilith) summoned Warlow causing him a lot of pain (just like Jessica). But Sookie kept Bill (Stephen Moyer) from getting Warlow and instead he took him to a fairish paradise place, where Bill was out of her range..

Eric and Pam go all Matrix


The moment I was waiting came very soon at the beginning of  tonight’s Episode. The Governor and his mistress from hell Sarah Newlin wanted blood and it was starting to look like the time Spartacus killed his good friend  Varro. So they went up in the air looking  badass as ever (Mr. Anderson against Smith+flashback)! Pam (Kristin Bauer von Straten) looked to be hurt and so did Eric (Alexander Skarsgard).. the moment of truth was coming, the unavoidable was upon us..But to our  great surprise nothing bad happened to either Pam or Eric. Instead they attacked some guards, that were hiding  in the room! It was then that Eric learned that former reverend Steven Newlin was the one telling the Governor about Eric’s family.. This scene was a bit underwhelming .. There was so much drama building up during episode 5.. And everything was solved too easy… I was disappointed and happy at the same time! There is still more of  Pam and Eric… That was it for Pam in this Episode, while Eric still had some hard s*** to endure!

The evil b**** from hell  vs. Jason (Hot-Ass) Stackhouse 


Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) is seriously one of the craziest revengeful evil whores I’ve ever seen in television. And she is doing a great job! We have seen some evil characters during these past seasons…Most of them were triggered by a broken heart, psychotic situation, V addiction, ambition, revenge and lately religion. But Sarah Newlin has taken this to a whole new level. I know that witches pulled out some sleep walking to the sun, to kill some vampires. But Sarah not only wants to see them burn, she wants to experience with  them all types of crazy cruel torture. What is frighting and fun at the same time regarding Mrs. Newlin, is the fact that she dresses and talks like an adorable, southern, dumb housewife..while she tortures some vampires!  At the beginning of this episode, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is acting like he hates vampires in order to get into the Governor’s force. So he gets accepted and  goes to The Camp, where everybody is impressed with his hatred for vampires..And then Sarah comes in and she looks furious to see Jason.. She sends everyone out, to have some alone-time with Jason (not for having “dinner”).  Jason strikes her with bad news! He announces that he   has come to save Jessica (not the brightest idea) and  threatens her with telling everything to the Governor and exposing her for being the evil whore she is… But  Sarah doesn’t care at all….Instead she takes Jason to give him a little taste of what the Camp is all about.

Jessica and the hot new beau…


Jason is waiting for Sarah to reveal what the Camp is all about. And then she tells him that they watch vampires copulate..He doesn’t  quite get it yet ( you know fancy talking). So Sarah gives him that look… (and then explaining it means to fuck).


So a male vampire appears across the glass, he is shirtless and damn he is one hot vampire….This show keeps on bringing  testosterone to another level! Please give a big welcome to Vampire James (the amazingly beautiful Luke Grimes)…


Later on, Sarah reveals that James has to copulate with Jessica (what a b****, she looked like she was enjoying it). But James didnt want do it.. He told Jess she was a great person and that he was not going to give into the sick orders of the people behind the glass. So he got hurt by  the reflection of sunlight ..several times (it was torturing). Jessica (Deborah Ann Wollo) was starting to strip in order to stop James from getting hurt… But James refused and they were taken by the Governor’s forces.. So this scene was hurtful for both James and Jason and it just proves that Mrs. Newlin is not shitting around! She truly intends to eradicate vampires…Now its even worse after getting to meet hot James..We just want to see more of him!!

Bill and Governor Bushell


When Bill learns that Warlow is not coming,  he goes looking  for Jessica to find that she is not home, realising that his vision is starting  to become real (the vision where everyone is  burning). So he decides to have a session with Lilith.  He glamours  the japanese scientist he preoviously kidnapped and orders him to drain his blood and then to put it back, when he comes near death. In his session with Lilith, she brakes it down to Bill: She aint gonna save him! He must act now or he is doomed! So Bill comes back and drinks the blood of Warlow. Suddenly he gets a glow of light in his face and body. A signal that he might be ready to go out to the sun. And precisely he does…He feels powerful and he goes to the Governor’s mansion, where he butchers everyone including the Governor (Arliss Howard), displaying his great new awesomeçpowers. Unfortunately, he is unable to find the location of the camp…One of the characters who has changed the most is Bill. He was once a vampire with moral and ethical limits, he cared for humans and wanted a legitimate place in society. But now he is sort of a vampire god…its fun, but deep down this unbalance of power seems to be very critical and uncontrollable, meaning that at any time he will get killed.. And I don’t want that.. We’ll have to wait and see what is coming next!!

Arlene’s tragic relationships 


Las episode Terry  convinced a fellow  ex-military friend to kill him, he can no longer live with the pain of having killed his friend, he doesn’t want Arlene  to know.  Arlene notices that Terry is up to something and she suspects he plans to kill him self. So he ask Holy for advice. Holy brings up the possibility of bringing a vampire to glamour Terry, in order for him to forget everything about the war…Arlene agrees and a vampire glamours Terry. And after that, everything is cute and perfect between Arlene and Terry… However Terry never called off  his former friend that had scheduled for killing him..So tragedy came back to Arlene’s life: Terry was shot at the back of Merlotte’s.  It was a touching sad scene, full of grief and agony.  I like Arlene, but Terry’s storyline seemed to go nowhere… Maybe this tragic moment was for the best…

Characters and subplots which right now don’t look very relevant or fun..

Alcide (played by Joe Manganiello) the new pack master is still looking for Sam (Sam Trammel) and Luna’s daughter Emma.  But Sam decides to put an end to the hunt and decides to give Luna to her grandmother. An action that is really the most appropriate one. Sam finally faces Alcide and they both agree on the terms that Sam would appear as officially dead and that he should never come back to Bon Temps…And in exchange Alcide would spare his life..On the other side, the last surviving child of Sheriff Bellefleur gets finally a name (a hidious one, I would have preferred to be called number 4). Meet the lovely Adilyn something Charlene Danica (Bailey Noble)


Eric and his family 


Despite the fact that Eric did not had to kill Pam. The Governor (before being killed by Bill)  was not satisfied. So he decided to take on another member of Eric’s family: Nora (Lucy Griffiths). He brings Nora to Eric and introduces a creepy doctor, who announces the new type of virus: Hepatitis V. A substance that is able to destroy and kill a vampire, through a very painful way. And Nora becomes the first subject to carry the decease. Soon Nora begins to slowly die… Eric can stand to see his sister die in this way. And then he summons Willow, her new daughter. She comes to Eric bringing the body of a guard. She strikes a female doctor who was on the room and dress as a  guard, Eric escapes with Willow and the dying Nora. Eric gets into a room were he finds that the True Blood currently owned by the State of Lousiana is being contaminated with the Hepatitis V virus..

Sookie and Warlow


And finall we get to see Sookie and Warlow back together. This time Warlow says to Sookie that she must tie him up, to avoid any dangerous situation. He struggles with the beast inside of him. He is a fairy with some bloody cravings..and he dislikes it…So he wants to be with Sookie (turn her into a hybrid), in order to close the cycle, they would feed from one another and could live forever! So everything was very emotional and kind of romantic…But then Sookie got all heated up.. and she had an insightful moment, she recognised (proud and loud) that she was a whore! (one of the best moments of the night). But she was not an idiot whore (and I am quoting her). She then tied Warlow harder and  she gave him some of her blood and then she took some of his blood and what  was once an insightful conversation regarding the burdens of being supernatural, became a hot  sexual scene, with lots of nudity and even some influence of Fifty Shades of Grey (Warlow being tied while Sookies is doing her stuff). Sookie and Warlow were finally “dinning” and as they were “eating” light started to glow…and the episode ended…

And thats how you call it for the night!

This  story is getting every time more complex and interesting. Characters are dying and no one is getting into a safe place. What will happen with this burning sexual light glowing from Willow and Sookie’s body… What’s Bill gonna do against the Camp??

What are your thoughts on las night’s episode??  


Cover Week: Ed Sheeran singing No Diggity (Blackstreet) /Thrift Shop (Macklemore)

So this week is finally coming to an end… Many things happened! But still it was a great week 🙂 ! This is the final cover of the week (Dont panic! there will be another one in August).

Ed Sheeran is definitely not handsome or hot…but when he sings….My dear lord…If he asks me our singing I wont say no..

So in this cover he gets to sing to great songs from great artists… leading to an explosive mashup…

Maybe a foreshadow of what is coming this Week….


Remembering Game of Thrones…and those characters that we miss (not all)

The cast of Game of Thrones recently appeared ad the Comic-Con 2013. It was a space to honour the characters that left us…It was great to see Richard Madden and Michelle Fairley. The Red Wedding was a television event that  will endure in viewers memories forever….

Game of Thrones will be coming back in 2014!

Lets take a look to all the characters that perished during the last 3 seasons!

Who do you miss the most??

Review: The Lone Ranger


For quite a while, I have been hearing that the Lone Ranger was awfully bad. The critics have not been kind with this film. But critics can be sometimes unfair, snobbish and sometimes they take themselves too seriously (I never agreed to their criticism against Nine (2009) by Rob Marshall). So I always try to make my opinion about a film, in order to corroborate or contradict, the previous criticisms. So I decided to take my best friend to the cinema to watch the Lone Ranger directed by  Gore Verbinski. And then the nightmare begun….

The Lone Ranger is one of those movies in which you feel comfortable and happy, to see it end!  Best moment of the film: The closing credits…

I don’t get it! When you have a great cast (apparently)  + stunning cinematography + an already popular story. How on earth can you go wrong ??

This a look at 5 aspects of the Film that make it  Awful Bad!

1.  John Reid


Armie Hammer is gorgeous. There is no denying about that. He has that dreamy look of a timeless prince charming. And just for the record cowboys always get me going! But unfortunately, his hotness did not do much for the character or the movie. John Reid is a lawyer that comes back to the mid west to become district attorney. But his law enforcement methods are diminished by the heroic work of the rangers, lead by his own brother Dan Reid (Played by James Badge Dale), who chase outlaws. So there  is a clash between them and their ideas of justice. Until that part the story works. Also there is a background romance that involves Dan’s wife Rebecca (the beautiful Ruth Wilson ) and John. But it never develops and we just don’t care about them. So John does not believe in guns, he cares for a fair trial.. I respect that, but its not credible. He portrays lawyers as idealist imbeciles (What would Harvey Specter think about that?) and is quite annoying. At first we understand he doesn’t want to be his brother. He wants to be different and be outstanding in his own way (very respectable). But after he is shot and his brother killed by a cannibal maniac (who eats his heart), ideals have a limit… I know they want to portray him as someone honourable. But  instead he looks weak,dumb and pathetic… Watching him was painful..

2.  Tonto


I am a fan of  Johnny Depp.  But he needs to step up his game! I could not stop seeing Captain Jack Sparrow in this film. The same faces, the same looks…I could not see Tonto. Depp is an incredibly talented character actor. But he is always delivering the same thing over and over again. And as a viewer you get tired.. Tonto was Captain Sparrow’s indigenous representation of Jack Sparrow. And his jokes seem to be the same.. Very disappointing to see a great actor not deliver the best of his talent… Lets hope Depp’s future projects involve roles that do not involve an all over the top, picturesque, feminine character.

3. The story (too many things happening)


So the story involves the chasing of a dangerous maniac, saving Dan’s widow, exterminating the indigenous, silver and railroads, unification of America, ass kicking prostitutes with ivory limbs, scorpions a weird white horse. Its just too much! The story had so many turns and subplots, that took attention from the core story: John and Tonto going after the cannibal psycho. The best stories are the ones that tend to be more simple than anything…Some subplots or scenes could have been cut and things would have gone better.

4. The mixture of humor + canibalism + prostitutes + Indian magic 


So we have already made a point regarding the needless complexity of the story. But thats not it. The Lone Ranger had too many  things going on! So that was bad! But whats even worse…is that the thing going on, did not work together. This is a Disney movie! But for several moments, it feel like something else! The humour was not great and sometimes it  was out of the context ( for example John went to the whore house looking for a man, the man of the entrance highlighted that he strongly believed that John was gay. Is it funny? I don’t know…But I think its out of context and actually when I was in the cinema, almost nobody got it). The other element which I think did not work at all and heavily  disturbed the balance of the story, was cannibalism.  And I mean, very graphic gut eating bloody cannibalism! That moment in which Butch eats Dan’s heart…just took cruelty and justice to another level…But that is not all, there was also a prostitute (Helena Bonham Carter) that lost her leg to the psychotic cannibal… Plus there was some supernatural stuff that had and it didn’t had purpose..

5. And finally it was hell long..

So after all of these… the film was fucking long…Good Lord why?? I just wanted to leave the cinema! Every time that I had the illusion that the film was going to end! It didn’t, there was something left…It was torturing! And I was the happiest person alive when it ended!

I dont want to give further spoilers, but this movie was A W F U L!

Have you seen it?? If you haven’t …Don’t!