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Review: The Newsroom / Season 2 / Episode 2


Episode 2: The price of being popular

I am not sure if I liked last episode of The Newsroom. This show has something very peculiar:  There are few episodes which actually could be considered overall good or bad. However Aaron Sorkin has the ability of placing certain scenes which keep the show from sinking…Last episode had some few good moments, but were moments that had definitely some depth and showed some vulnerable sides of the  characters we care for…I am starting to realise that The Newsroom is a show which I like to watch, but I haven’t quite discover why…Most of the shows I watch respond to my wide range of personal interests, memories, cravings, tastes, sensibilities , frustrations, etc. I’ll continue to give this season a chance …to find out why on earth I am watching this show….For now I just now that I am not watching this show for Maggie..

So lets take a look to what happened with the main story of the season!!



Now we know what Genoa is all about. The new producer has given Mackenzie the exclusive. So the story goes this way: The US used a toxic weapon against civilians, during some military operations in Pakistan. Quite the scandal.. But Mackenzie doesn’t really trust this new producer.. So she wants more! At the end of the episode she gets the confirmation she was hoping for…so things get interesting!

Now lets take a look to other storylines:

My favourite character of the Episode:


 We are aware that this man can be a total dick. Last season, he appeared to be simply a very despicable human being. But this season has done something great for Dan,  some how it has rehabilitated his character. He no longer has to deal with the annoying Maggi, he is closer to Sloan and he is letting out some of his more human side.  I am not going to give all details, I want to avoid to ruin some of the moments of Sunday’s episode. Dan was very passionate and energetic in regards of the case of an african american that was sentenced to the death penalty. There were many  intrigues and irregularities surrounding the case. And in the eyes of Dan the man was innocent. He tried to convince Will on bringing some attention to the case, advocating for his innocence…But it didn’t work (we’ll get to that soon). He tries to pull the story with Charlie and Mckenzie but still he failed. At the end of the episode, the man in executed.  Dan is not the best man of the show, but now we get to know that eh stands for something even greater than his ego….A turning point for Dan and a moment we have certainly enjoyed…



So we got to see some of Will’s history…there was some footage of his  September 11 intervention(back in 2001). He was a rising star back then…. But now Will is in a dark place. He was removed from the September 11th Anniversary and he is very affected by the several websites that express their hatred against him. He is no longer the same. The powerful media man of last season has been overshadowed by his own fears for rejection. And here is a highlight of this episode:  in the end individuals that are popular and whose status is based on their celebrity (actors, models, etc), depend on the people’s approval. A dangerous truth. But the question hear is:  Should News depend on the public too? Should News be portrayed to satisfy the emotions of the people (even when they are wrong) ? These questions should be taken into account as food for thought.. Poor Will..and it was in that moment of neglect, that Will rejected to help Dan. He no longer wants to commit with real and serious journalism… 



I am getting to the conclusion that characters that avoid Maggie or simply are far away from her, have better story lines. Jim is starting to get his shit together. He is meeting new people (a new hot blondie working in the competition), he is getting over Maggie and he has finally got into the Romney bus. I am interested in him again….



At the beggining he was kind of bullyied by the editing room, because his story has not turned to be as important as he thought it would….I mean that happens all the time..But what is valuable from this character is the fact that he is taking chances, he is  takings risks and that is worth everything.. I have always believed we should never regret our actions, instead we should regret for the action we didn’t take. Thankfully we know how important are the events he is trying to cover.. Occupy Wall Street. Neal had not much screen time,  but still he got arrested in the protest, getting excellent footage. In the end Will takes him out of jail, taking some of his personal frustration out…

And finally Maggie


Liza’s character was very secondary and irrelevant during last season. But on sunday Liza told Maggie, she was full of s*** and how  really pathetic she was. It was great, finally someone is putting Maggie in her place. Liza found about the video (despite of Maggie’s efforts)  Things were just ridiculous for Maggie during the last episode! So she slept in the office and then she went to find the owner of the Youtube video (where she screams out that she loves Jim).  Look that worked in Facebook and with your friends…Sometimes you may appear in photos, looking drunk or ugly (there is nothing to do about that in some cases) and you can ask your pals to take it down.. But with a complete stranger…thats not how things work!! Life have consequences…And Maggie has to realise it..I was so pissed about her telling Jim that she wanted things to be back to normal…There is no way back to normal!  Now she is currently single and her two former love interests have better things to do. At the end,  Maggie decides to go to Africa, to cover a  dangerous story…. Please don’t return.. Mr. Sorkin..kill this character from once and for all…she is irrelevant, pathetic and not credible..No one can be that stupid. There are limits in creating a pitiful character.. The charm is simply not working on me!

Characters that didn’t do much : Charlie and Sloan (she helped Maggie so…for me thats an EPIC Fail)


So what were your thoughts on this week’s episode??


Review: The Newsroom, Season 2 Premiere


Bad News everyone: Maggie survived Uganda..

Will is back and things are looking a bit different! From the new intro, to some new characters, The Newsroom has returned with the sole purpose of gaining the public’s appreciation, in order to finally consolidate. Last season was good, but it did not convince viewers or critics, that it was worth fallowing. But still it had some good moments, that brought hope to the show. Its like when you are on a first date. At first you are so into the other person. But then the conversation starts to get nowhere and suddenly you stop caring at all. But despite of the negative stuff, the other person is good and you feel there is still a chance, hence you go for a second date. So we are giving the Newsroom a second chance. This season must deliver or face its doom. So let’s get started! I will talk about our favorite characters, the new members of the show and of course Maggie and why her storyline should end soon..

A brief Recap


The narrative of this season is in retrospective. We begin by seeing Will giving a declaration to Rebecca Halliday (the beautiful Marcia Gay Harden) a hot powerful lawyer that is defending AWM against a lawsuit. It’s not clear why, but it seems it has something to do with a drone strike and an operation called Genoa. Will states that many events lead to the story.. And thus we go back in time, to the period immediately after the airing of the “America’s Taliban” not .  Will is experiencing  a very difficult time  because the public seems to hate him. For that reason Charlie (Sam Waterston) decides to pull Will out of the September 11th Anniversary. Something that crushes his spirit.  With the arrival a new producer (we will get on that real soon), the topic of  Drones comes up.  A topic which Sloan (Olivia Munn) is very passionate about.  The new producer organises a panel including:  a human rights guy, Sloan and a former G.I Joe type of guy that served in the Air Force. The panel goes mostly against the use of drones, except for the former G.I Joe guy, who stays quiet for most of the time.. at the end he makes a very prominent intervention defending the use of drones. Mackenzie (Emily Mortimer) has a valid objective question for the guy and she tells Will to do it. But Will refuses, showing that he does care for the public’s love and that he is trying to win them back…Something that displeases Mackenzie. At the end of the episode, the new producer talks to the former G.I Joe guy, to discover that he has a story that could potentially end presidencies and make careers…Genoa maybe? So we comeback to the present, where Mackenzie is now talking to Rebecca the lawyer. She restates that many things happened that lead to Genoa.. and that regardless of the controversy it was the biggest story they’ve ever had..So thats the main story line of the episode, that I’m sure it will continue to  develop.. I quite like it. I am very intrigued and it will be very dramatic..

Here is a look to the subplots of the Episode:

Fiona, her son and Charlie


Will infuriated several congressmen for his note on the Tea Party. AWM was later excluded from a hearing about piracy and information protection.  Fiona (the Great Jane Fonda) was furious and demanded Charlie to take action. Will’s politics and ethics were starting to cause some trouble for AWM. The public was starting to dislike Will..

Mackenzie and Jim


Mackenzie and Jim are two of my favourite characters. Mackenzie might be a bit neurotic but still she is credible and she has something genuine in her feelings towards  her job (call it integrity if you like).  And Jim is learning from her. He is not the usually hot character that I would comment about (such as Eric or Ser Loras Tyrell), but he looks so smart and sweet. He is a good man.. so I dont get why he likes Maggie. From all the possible assistant producers in the staff, he had to go for Maggie?? I mean he could even go for the men, I promise you he would happier..Anyway during this episode we saw him very desperate and nostalgic. He can’t stand to see Maggie (who can?? ) with Don. So he asks Mckenzie to send him to the press rally of  presidential candidate, that I had forgot long time ago (seriously). What’s his name?? I know he said something about the 60% of Americans..o yes Mitt Romney.  In conclusion: Jim is heavily depressed..who would want to go to see Romney, just to avoid to see your ex. He is also mistreated by Romney’s team, because of Will’s rampage against the Tea Party. I like Jim, lets hope this season will bring him  a new love interest, it could be a girl or a guy, or he could even  become celibate… just don’t get back with Maggie..

The new guy…


Jerry Dantana is  Jim’s replacement played by Hamish Linklater.  He seems to be a very interesting character. I feel this is a character that will be very important for future episodes. For now I have to say that he is welcome change in the show. And he is going to be behind the Genoa story.

Neal and Occupy Wall street


Dev Patel is back! I  really like his character. Neal has landed with the story of Occupy Wall Street. Finally he gets a story that will eventually become something great.  There is something interesting and it is the portrayal of the relationship between social inconformity and the media. They need each other to achieve their distinctive goals. Neal meets an activist.. who questions him about his role in social change…She is one to keep our eyes into!

Sloan and Don 


Olivia Munn is great! Lets begin with that fact. Sloan is beautiful  and smart. Her character is fun to watch and  every time, we care for he even more. I don’t like Don (Thomas Sadoski). His character is kind of an a**. However when he has scenes with Sloan, we get to see him in a more emotional way. There is a tension between them…that continues to build up! I want these two together. And I am glad he dumped Maggie (finally).

And my least favourite character of the moment: Maggie


Well this is one ugly wig!  I will like to begin by stating that Allison Pill is a great actress. Actors are not only good, when they get our love. In my opinion, actors that are able to make the audience hate their characters, they have succeeded. I have nothing against Mrs. Pill, my problem its with Maggie. So lets get started! She is annoying, her storyline is boring and circular (she has two guys, one is good, the other bad and she chooses the bad one). Her character should go! One of the reasons why I didn’t truly loved The Newsroom was because of Maggie. Watching her is a torture. Her ridiculous drama and her clumsy way of doing everything is too much!  So  bad news..she survives the season.. Apparently by the time Will speaks with Rebbeca, Maggie has a new awful haircut, because of a terrible trauma she suffered in Uganda.. I dont want to sound cruel (well I don’t care), she should have stayed in Uganda…

Overall this season is looking good (despite one character I wont mention)!

I’ll be back with another review of next week