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Review: Suits / Season 3 / Episode 2


Episode 2: “I want you to want me”

Its been some days since SUITS aired its last episode, during all this time I haven’t figure what to think of this episode…I love SUITS and all, but there is something about Harvey that I am starting  to dislike.

Last episode we got to see the two sides of Law, represented in Louis and Harvey. On one side we have someone that respects and appreciates the legal system (Louis). And on the other side, we have the man who is driven by one simple principle: winning (Harvey). Both of these characters like winning, but for different reasons. I am not trying to glorify Louis, but at least he portrayed a deeper sense for justice and law. This was an episode that showed Harvey in its worse position ever. He is a d*** and we love him for that ..But last night, he started to become a little too childish and spoiled…In Harvey’s mind everyone starting from Jessica  owes him.. And he screwed it actually. He never sees the bigger picture, he just acts in order to satisfy his own interest…. Many times I look at Harvey and I think on how much I would like be him or how much I would like to”dine” with him….But lately, I don’t  like his attitude, he is desperate and he has to learn that he cant always win…

What happened with the Hassington case?


The episode begins with Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole) showing Harvey a video of Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley) and her most trusted employee bribing the leader of a foreign country. However the video had no sound!  It was a strong argument against Ava’s case.   But the real issue behind the video, is the fact that Ava’s trusted employee is working  with Dennis against Ava, betraying her (Poor Michelle every show she is in, there is someone stabbing her in the back).  Somehow the situation of Ava Hassington is a mirror of what happened between Harvey and Mike… A person that under pressure betrays his/her mentor.. So Harvey starts to get sensitive towards Mike..(but we’ll get to that later). In the end, Dannis realises that Harvey will butcher his witness in court. So they broke a deal with a small modification: Ava must be declared guilty…A bitter sweet victory to Harvey. But I feel this is not the end.. We haven’t seen the last of Mrs. Ava Hassington..

Jessica and Harvey

Suits - Season 3

Things haven’t been well between this two. And its curious because they are so alike! They understand what drives each other and that is why they are very formidable adversaries. Harvey will never forgive Jessica and his plans of bringing her down are still on….He is just waiting for the right moment! Jessica is doing everything to be back in Harvey’s favour. She even tried to reach for him, showing him how much she actually cared and also insisting on the importance of letting things go, for once she was trully emotional…There was a climatic moment:  Hervey then asked her, if she could go back in time, would she change anything. She said no…. I love Jessica and if she faces Harvey, I’ll expect her to win…that dickhead deserves a lesson!

Donna and Rachel


 Let me just say that these women are fierce, they love their men (Harvey and Mike) and they would do anything for them. At the beginning of the episode they were very friendly and they even discussed some intimate details.. It seems our handsome Mike Ross has some “huge” talents… Good for Rachel.. But the friendly tone between them changed, when Rachel finds out that Harvey had forbade Mike from being with Rachel…It seems it was also Donna who told Mike not to be with Rachel… So they exchanged some hard words, including Rachel saying that Donna has no life for only protecting Harvey..There was no further developments between them… We’ll have to wait and see what happens next episode! I want to say something out loud: Damn Rachel I envy her!

Louis and Mike


Louis is a good guy! He might be a bit too neurotic, but he is kind and understands the social value of law. He fights not for himself, but for what he believes is fair…He admires the system..And he practices law respecting its rules and principles! So last episode he lost the associates. At the beginning of this episode he says good bye to his associates (avery touching moment). But then he learns from Jessica, that he has now the right select his associate…and he knows who he wants: Mike ( who wouldn’t? Sexy + smart + lawyer). Louis asked Harvey for his permission and Harvey said he didn’t want anything to do with Mike..So Louis began a campaign to win Mike’s approval…They worked  on a case together ( I am not going to spoil it for you) and they wan…They were becoming a team…But just before Mike was taking his decision… Harvey came in and soon they were reconciled… Which was something great.. I love this two…But something didn’t felt right….I mean Harvey had been acting like a spoiled dickhead… He gave his word to Louis..But without any trouble,  he reclaimed back Mike! I get that Harvey is the main character….But Louis won the right to make a new team with Mike… Its hard to see how the show favours the character that is a total asshole…instead of the man who actually is good and kind… (well the world is very much alike)


What area your thoughts on this episode?? 


Review: SUITS / Season 3/ Episode 1


Episode 1: “The Arrangement”

SUITS is finally back! Last season left us with many cliffhangers, which dealt with the merge between Pearson and Darby (a british law firm headed by Lord Varys). I am sorry for the Game of Thrones references that I will be making. But the presence of Game of Thrones influence is undeniable. First of all, we will be having Michelle Fairley (Lady Stark) as a recurring character this season and Conleth Hill (Lord Varys) will be the new managing partner. And second of all, this season is charged with lots of vengeance, treason, ambition and corruption, traits that are very common in the land of Westeros. Dont get me wrong, SUITS is a show that has earned the love from us fans, because is fun, likeable, smooth and unique. Its like no other show about lawyers and the characters are impossible not to love. On the other side Game of Thrones has become a cultural phenomenon, that every now and then, whenever we hear about power struggle, vengeance, bloody backstabbing etc, we associate it with Game of Thrones. And by the way, even USA Network has used that association for marketing purposes. So bare with me! Now lets take a look to the broken alliances, the new alliances and the alliances that are growing strong…(yes I know I have written alliances too many times)

Broken Alliances

Mike and Harvey


This episode was all about the new Pearson Darby. As a result of defeating Hardman and helping Jessica securing the merger, our beloved Mike Ross got a brand new office. Jessica awarded Mike to remember it as a symbol of what he can accomplish in the firm and the price he has payed for succeeding. She was referring to betraying Harvey. Who is quite frustrated with the merger. But also, wants nothing to do with Mike. The old bromance is over. Mike is trying hard to win Harvey’s favour (giving him information for a new case). But for Harvey loyalty is everything.. Its hard to see them divided.. We loved to see them working together. And they looked awesome as a team. I expect at some point Harvey will forgive Mike. In his eyes we can all see that he cares for Mike.. But honestly is just cruel to watch poor Mike’s puppy eyes going all sad for Harvey. By the way Donna is also mad at Mike..

Jessica and Harvey


Jessica and Harvey’s relationship has never been worse. These two lawyers are very dangerous. Jessica has proven to be a ruthless, backstabbing managing partner that will do everything to keep her power (She is looking like Cersai, off course without all the incest thing, but still she is cold). Harvey on the other side, its a man that is very rough and who doesn’t care to get dirty in order to win. He has a strong belief on winning and in not quitting. So these two are not going to stop until the other one falls. I enjoyed them more, working together. But still its quite intriguing seeing them move against each other. After this first episode, they maintain an official good relationship, but Jessica is suspicious of Harvey and Harvey has sworn to destroy Jessica. Its going to be a thrilling season. And just for the record, be prepared for a lot of foul play and treason..But of course in a very stylish way.

Dana Scott and Harvey


During the merger, Harvey lost many of his former alliances. But among all, he lost Dana. She was used by Darby to get Pearson. And Harvey resented the fact that she somehow outsmarted him. He has a hugely dangerous ego. And in his display of power he got Dana fired. But then he asked Derby to bring Scott back. However he doesn’t want her in New York. He instead sends her to London… In the airport, Harvey looks for Scott. If you were thinking of a Casablanca moment coming in or a goodbye scene from The Bodyguard.. Think again.. Harvey needs information for a new case. But still he was a bit cute and sweet, telling Scott that she has always meant something to her…She melts and replies by saying that he is a d***. We agree with Scott, but just like her we can get enough of Harvey Specter…

Louis Litt and the British version of him


We hate to admit it, but we love Louis! Last season he had a crucial role in the war inside of former Pearson Hardman. This season things look to be normal between him and Harvey. But his truly enemy is the new system under the merger. There are two things that mean the world to Louis: His uni-ball pens and his All bran raspberry bars. The british Louis is the new Quarter Master and he is taking away the uni-ball pens and the raspberry bars. So Louis asks Derby to name him Quarter Master. Derby agreed and later on, the british Louis reveals that it was all a set up to take over the associates (WTF?). There is a lot of treason going on Pearson Hardman… So Louis is the new Quarter Master but he has no control over his beloved associates…rough start!

The New Alliances

Ava Hassington and Harvey Specter

Suits - Season 3

The new case that opens the Season involves our beloved Michelle Fairley. I think I will never forget her as Lady Stark. But its great to see her doing something fun and classy. In this episode, she plays Ava Hessington an oil tycoon that is being suit by the US. Darby asks Harvey to take the case. Harvey tries to broke a deal with the US Government (an old hot friend of his). But it turns out his friend is running for office and its mayor contributor is an oil company whose mayor competition is Ava Hessington’s company. Harvey needs to win this case in order to become a managing partner (he has a deal with Darby).

Mike and Benjamin (the IT guy)


Mike is trying hard to gain Harvey’s favour, so he wants to help him in whatever case he is working in. So he needs to see the hard drive of Harvey’s computer. But to do that, he needs Benjamin (the IT guy). But Benjamin is not that easy. So Mike sets him up, by recording him accepting that he has broken the law (he violated Mike’s privacy). Benjamin helps Mike. But Mike does not want to continue blackmailing Benjamin, so he decides to erase the recording and start again with Ben. I think this part is very important. Because during most of the episode, all we ever got to see was people backstabbing and plotting against each other. Mike somehow rebuilds his own image. And he doesn’t want to do things like Jessica or Harvey. He is a good guy and so is Benjamin…

The Alliances that are growing strong (Tyrell reference)


So at least there is something good happening in SUITS! Rachel and Mike are better than ever! Its wonderful to see them finally together. I am big fan of their relationship. Mike has revealed everything about him to Rachel! And I mean everything! So their all over each other. Rachel keeps Mike real, she reminds him of what is right..So its fun and lovely! Please let us enjoy this relationship! SUITS has always a way of turning them apart!

Overall: I love this episode! And I just want more! I want to se more law related topics and Mike and Harvey back together! The war has began once again and as in Game of Thrones is just getting bloodier!

What is Your favourite moment of Yesterday’s season premiere?