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A great song..and an even greater version….

The Viper is back and I know its been a long time since the last post…But law school is hard!! I’ll have some special posts dedicated to True Blood and The White Queen…which are leaving us… way too soon….

But don’t worry new seasons are coming up!!

Meanwhile..I want to share with you this exquisite version of one of my favourite songs of one of my favourite movies ever: Moulin Rouge….

Le Tango de Roxanne ..sang by two hot stallions (one being the incredible and incomparable Ricky Martin)


Mashup Week: Glee Cast singing Rumour has It/Someone like you

This is one of my favourite shows and despite a bad season…..I like to remember the good moments…This is one of the moments I will never forget..

It was an emotional episode, with an even more emotional performance by Mercedes and my girl Santana


Cover Week: Ed Sheeran singing No Diggity (Blackstreet) /Thrift Shop (Macklemore)

So this week is finally coming to an end… Many things happened! But still it was a great week 🙂 ! This is the final cover of the week (Dont panic! there will be another one in August).

Ed Sheeran is definitely not handsome or hot…but when he sings….My dear lord…If he asks me our singing I wont say no..

So in this cover he gets to sing to great songs from great artists… leading to an explosive mashup…

Maybe a foreshadow of what is coming this Week….