Hello, It’s me…. (Yes Adele has become the best cliché for a pick up line)

It’s been quite some time..Since I last wrote on this blog. Three years of my life have gone without exploring the confort of writing about shows and life in general…Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a good friend. Someone who I came acquainted with in a very particular way…. Anyway he showed me his blog and suddenly I got hooked back..

There are many excuses about my absence and why I left… But who cares..I am back and this time I feel that my voice has changed….I’ve grown in many ways and I have experienced several emotions throughout these years..that deserve to be exteriorised with the world (or with the few people who actually read this)……

Quick Updates:

  • I am graduating this year from Law School
  • I’ve continued watching many TV shows
  • I am still fan of Nicole Kidman
  • I am no longer single 🙂
  • I want to say many things about everything
  • I love Kate moss
  • This is Adele’s year…


Expect many post coming back very soon….



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