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American Crime Story: From the Ashes Ryan Murphy returns…

Last year we had to endure the sloppy and frankly disappointing work of Ryan Murphy (AHS: Hotel and Scream Queens). I have always admired the work of Mr. Murphy. I was a fan of glee until the original cast graduated and I’ve also loved  AHS until Lady Gaga appeared. And I don’t even want to get into Scream Queens… What a waste of talent…

Now moving the negativity apart..Its time to talk about American Crime Story (ACS)

I am not ready to call it great… But it seems like all the elements are in the right place.

                  History v. Fiction  

I love shows that deal with historic events (The Tudors, the White Queen, Rome).When you watch a show that addresses historical events, you must be careful in knowing exactly what to expect and what not to expect.

You want to see a sassy and powerful Anne Boleyn, a sexual and mysterious Cleopatra.. Those expectations are not only bound to contemporary beliefs in our culture, but also with a profound sense of intrigue.. We want to imagine the personality of a historic figure, we want to give life to lost portraits…

Now when the historic events are too close (15 years or less), expectations are different… You know the actual characters, you actually have their footage and it’s very hard to imagine them differently.

ACS is in my opinion facing that risk… How do you keep it from becoming a parody of a reinterpretation of events? How do you keep it from being too safe??

I expect the show to give us true performances of real people.. Performances that go beyond the original footage….

What I saw yesterday was pretty good…so who are some of the most interesting characters?

“The Juice”

I am not a fan of Cuba Gooding Jr. But I was thrilled to see him going into such a complex character. And in a certain way it seems to revindicate the clownish tone you often hear when talking about the disgraced OJ. Gooding Jr. is credible and carries the show exceptionally well. I am very exited for this performance.

Mr. Shapiro

 Just as Ryan Murphy is back, we could say the same of John Travolta. Scientology has the ability of making people dislike its must public figures (Tom Cruise).. And John Travolta is also victim of that generalized dislike. It’s been a long time since I take Travolta as an actual actor. This role is perfect for him.. He is very powerful and smooth in representing the lawyer of celebrities.

Kriss Jenner  I never expected to ever write about Mrs. Jenner. She is perhaps one of the most annoying persons on the planet, alongside her daughters… But she knows better than anyone that there is no such thing as bad publicity. In that sense, she must be very happy that she is now getting great publicity for the performance of the great and beautiful Selma Blair.

It must be fun for once not to make money or fame by exposing your life in the most vulgar way, making your children into products.. This time Mrs. Jenner could add dignity in the way she sells her family..

Selma Blair had a few lines, but she seemed to be in control. I hope to se her more on screen…

 Other characters..

Well the other members of the cast are decent, but  they need to cross the line of playing their roles too safety.
Hope you enjoyed these show as much as I have…


What were your thoughts on ACS??



Hello, It’s me…. (Yes Adele has become the best cliché for a pick up line)

It’s been quite some time..Since I last wrote on this blog. Three years of my life have gone without exploring the confort of writing about shows and life in general…Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a good friend. Someone who I came acquainted with in a very particular way…. Anyway he showed me his blog and suddenly I got hooked back..

There are many excuses about my absence and why I left… But who cares..I am back and this time I feel that my voice has changed….I’ve grown in many ways and I have experienced several emotions throughout these years..that deserve to be exteriorised with the world (or with the few people who actually read this)……

Quick Updates:

  • I am graduating this year from Law School
  • I’ve continued watching many TV shows
  • I am still fan of Nicole Kidman
  • I am no longer single 🙂
  • I want to say many things about everything
  • I love Kate moss
  • This is Adele’s year…


Expect many post coming back very soon….