The Viper is Back: new reviews, failed “love stories” and more…


I would like to begin by confessing the following: I have neglected this blog for far too long…And I am sorry.

Its been a very complicated semester and it just keeps on getting worse. But finally, I have this week to make  a “comeback”. And I can’t deny the fact that I LOVE a great victorious + vicious comeback! Sometimes is necessary to fall or to make huge mistakes, in order to keep things fresh! To reinvent yourself or simply to give your enemies the false impression that you are defeated , to later surprise them with a deadly blow… That can give you some ideas of my taste for revenge. I am not as pretty as our beloved Emily Thorne (who by the way is coming back  this Sunday), but I have my ways…

So lets get back to business, TV’s Summer season is over :(… But things are just getting better with new seasons of my favourite shows coming into  Fall (American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, Glee and more) the Awards season is starting to get hotter and fashion is getting better…

So you’ll have to bear with me… a little bit longer..



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